SOG Publication 1.

A Review of Otter Records from the Brue valley, 1970-2000. Published July 2001.

PDF of   Review of otter records from the Brue valley


SOG Publication 2.

Otters in Somerset: a factual guide for anglers and pond owners.

Published 2007.

PDF of  Otters in Somerset






SOG Publication 3. 

SOG Introductory Pack for New Members .

Published 2007.

The need to survey for otters.

Aims and objectives of the SOG.

Where to look for spraints and tracks.

Otter signs.

Padding diagram.

Annotated pad marks.

Safety precautions and Health considerations.


Notes on filling in forms.

What to do with a dead otter.


SOG Publication 4.

Recent Research into Somerset Otters. 12 factual papers. Published 2010.

Contents to Research papers.

The otter population of the river Tone in Somerset – James Williams

Somerset otter surveys 2006 – Evidence of a decline – Somerset Otter Group

Otter deaths in Somerset – Lucy Mead

Axe Valley otter survey – James Williams

Otters on the River Avill Catchment – Janet Dixon

2 day co-ordinated surveys of Somerset – Somerset Otter Group

Otters 100 years ago – JamesWilliams

Otters found with bile fluke – Evidence – Lucy Mead

An investigation into the distribution of the bile-fluke Psuedamphistomum truncatum, by the presence of egg spraints – A summary of a dissertation by Simone Gentner

The importance of birds in the diet of otter Lutra lutra on Shapwick Heath (an edited and condensed version) – Daniel de la Hey

Do Eurasian otters Lutra lutra (L.) prey preferentially on non-native fish species? – Summary of original paper by Rafael Miranda, Gordon H. Copp, James Williams, Kathleen Beyer and Rodolphe E. Gozlan

Daily recording at Stoford Manor – James Williams




The Otter Among Us, James Williams , Tiercel , 2000.

(short-listed for the Wildlife Book of the Year prize)



The Otter, James Williams, Merlin Unwin, 2010.

SOG Publication 5.

Introductory pack for surveyors.  Published 2014.

  •     The need to survey for otters.Handbook
        Survey Results.
  •     Aims and objectives of the SOG.
  •     Otter signs.
  •     Padding diagram.
  •     Annotated pad marks.
  •     Where to look for spraints and tracks.
  •     Safety precautions & Health considerations.
  •     What to do with a dead otter.
  •     Notes on filling in forms.
  •     James Williams.
  •     Contacts.


Cards. Christmas cards and blank cards. A5 and A6.  Back page from both carry a quote from James Williams. 2014.

Card frontCard rear


SOG Publication 6.

Otters in Somerset, A factual guide. Published 2015. Leaflet 6

Adapted from an original text by James Williams. (publication 2)

PDF of  Factual Leaflet otters in Somerset  a factual guide.





SOG Publication 7.

In Search of Somerset’s Otters.  Leaflet 7

Published 2015.

Article by James Williams informing about Somerset Otters.

PDF of Leaflet Somerset otters article