The Somerset Otter Group has been recording about 30 dead otters a year recently, mostly from the roads.  This must be a substantial proportion of the total population, although we have no idea of how many other otters are dying out of sight and in dense cover.  Information gleaned from this sad wastage can give us valuable information to add to an estimate of the strength and distribution of that population and, through the post-mortem programme, of the health not only of the otters themselves, but also of their environment.



IMPORTANT  Please report all dead otters PROMPTLY. 

Direct to  Jo Pearse on 07855773697, or, Through the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506.

The Environment Agency pass details to the Somerset Otter Group who organise recovery and or reporting of Dead Otters in Somerset.

If the body can be recovered the Somerset Otter Group arranges for it to go for post mortem to Cardiff University.

Handling any dead otter requires a licence.  This is held by Cardiff University, providing the otter is being recovered for the Cardiff Otter project such handling is covered.



Recording otter deaths highlights blackspots and enables mitigations such as; reflectors, ledges under bridges, tunnels and steps at weirs to reduce otter deaths on the road.