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Chairman and Research Coordinator   

Dr Rob Williams       Tel: 01823 762877    somersetotters@gmail.com



Jo Pearse                  Tel: 07855773697      sogjopearse@gmail.com


Prospective surveyors – enquiries to Jo Pearse – 07855773697.


IMPORTANT  Dead Otters ;                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Please report all dead otters directly to Jo Pearse, PROMPTLY, by telephone 07855773697.

If the body can be recovered it goes for post mortem to Cardiff University.


Details of live sightings and records. Please send to Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC).  A link to their website is available in the links box to the right.  Please appreciate the Somerset Otter Group is a voluntary group and not set up to take the more numerous reports of live sightings.

However evidence of breeding with sightings of cubs should be reported to Jo Pearse.