Two Day Event 2020 Cancelled–

This years 2 day event has been cancelled. Below is the e.mail circulated by Jo Pearse to all Somerset Otter Group members.
Dear Surveyors,
You may have been expecting this email – unfortunately we have decided to cancel this years 2 day survey.
It is mostly a solitary activity, but on balance the likelihood is that some will be unwell and others may be working extra hours and it will be difficult to cover enough of the patches to make the result meaningful.
For those who would still like their patch covered perhaps you could survey on the 19th and send the results to SERC on the usual form. We could then look at the results later in the year, but we will not be coordinating wide coverage as a group.
Thank you to those coordinators, particular Tony on the Frome and Martin on the Exe who have done so every year. You will remember perhaps that cancelling the survey has a precedent – the Foot and Mouth year 2001.
Hopefully this time next year, we will be healthy, well and able to plan for good coverage. In the meantime, please do let me know of any cubs, dead otters or any other interesting otter business.
Look after yourselves.
Best wishes