Dead otter update and summary

An informative update and summary of dead otters in Somerset can be found in this attached article, in Newslotter format.

Please keep in mind when viewing the maps in this pdf, that all the dead otter records for Somerset have been combined from 1999 to 2017, to give an overview only, that is 19 years of records combined into one map. (excepting the map of the fluke, first recorded in 2002).

They illustrate most of the otter deaths we record occur on the roads. The number of otter deaths in the county fluctuates each year, the 33 recorded for 2017 is about average for our records.

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Dead Otters in Somerset. 

By Lucy Mead.

Update January 2019

22 Dead otters were recorded in 2018, 17 of which were recovered for Cardiff University Otter project. Coastal streams 3, River Parrett 9, River Brue 8 and River Tone 2.