Hammer Scar update from Stephen Powles

Stephen Powles has given an update on Hammer Scar.

“A lot of you will know already but, for those who don’t, my five years with this amazing otter came to an abrupt end on Monday 22nd January. She and her 8 week old cub were run over not far from the bottom of my lane. She decided to move her twin cubs up a side stream. Rather than battle through the relatively high water in the culvert under the main road, she chose to go “over the top” with fatal consequences. The following day we managed to find the remaining cub who is now at a rescue centre. Nipper (named after he attempted to sink his teeth into me!) may well return here for release when he is 18 months old. Her two remaining 14 months cubs (George and Kate from the previous litter) are still here and it will be interesting to see if Kate remains and, like her mother, makes the upper Dart her home and goes on to rear her own cubs here.”

For those who attended Stephen’s excellent talk at the Somerset Otter Group meeting in January, and for those who missed it, Hammer Scar and Stephen feature on “Hugh’s Wild West” this evening at 6.15.