Cardiff University facebook post- Somerset spraint collection.

James’s huge influence continues, made all the more special because so many want to acknowledge and continue paying tribute to the great man and his work.

Posted today on the Cardiff University Website was the following:

Somerset Otter Surveys
Three members of Cardiff University Otter Project recently assisted Somerset Otter Group with their annual “2 day event” otter survey. During this year’s survey volunteers collected otter spraints for Nia Thomas’ PhD research. Nia will conduct molecular analyses on the Somerset samples to gain information on home range and (potentially sex-biased) dispersal. This is part of her wider work investigating the changes in otter population structure across the UK over a twenty-year period of recolonisation.
Research Associate Dr Eleanor Kean (pictured here) was loaned James Williams’ otter wading stick for the survey. Long term Chair and inspiration behind SOG annual 2 day event, James made a huge contribution to otter conservation.…/Obituary_James_Willia…

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