Another paper relating to biliary parasites, James Williams and Somerset Otter Group acknowledged.

A further paper relating to biliary parasites. Ellie Sherrard-Smith co-authored, and James Williams (and SOG) are acknowledged.

Integrative taxonomy of European parasitic flatworms of the genus Metorchis Looss, 1899 (Trematoda: Opisthorchiidae)


The study was supported by the project PRVOUK P31/2012 from the Charles University in Prague, and by the Natural Environment Research Council Studentship NER/0329013 with Case Partner James Williams and the Somerset Otter Group to ES-S. We thank Gerard Kanarek (Polish Academy of Sciences,Warszaw) for providing the helminth specimens from Poland, Joanne Cable and Elizabeth Chadwick (both Cardiff University, Cardiff) for discussing the status of mammalian Metorchis, Milan Rezac (crop Research Institute, Prague) for instrumental support, and all those who have assisted with post-mortem examination of otters across Europe as a part of Cardiff University Otter Project.

Fluke paper  pdf of paper.